A Summer of Dramatic Alaskan Sunsets

Planet Bell

Sunset and sunrise photography in Alaska during the summer is for people who don’t value sleep. With the sunset at 12:30am and the sunrise three hours later, it takes a lot of commitment to photograph the magic hour. Some of us have jobs, you know.

To complicate things, this year interior Alaska had the rainiest summer in 100 years. We had many days of oppressive gray clouds and relentless rain that made us think God forgot his promise to Noah.

In spite of this, or because of it, we had many evenings of towering, billowy clouds that led to sensational sunsets. I was lucky enough to photograph several of them, even though I was probably sleepy the next day.

Below are my top 10 sunsets of the summer in chronological order, with the time and date of the photo, which you might find interesting. After the photos, please vote in…

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