Nick Denton admits he was overly ambitious with Kinja, but insists the platform is on track


Gawker Media said Tuesday the company is moving from its funky loft space near Soho in New York City to a luxurious new office in the Flatiron district, and plans to take up the mantle of the “guardian of independent media” — now that competitors like BuzzFeed have taken investment money or partnered with existing media conglomerates. And despite its problems, founder Nick Denton says he also remains committed to the company’s troubled Kinja commenting/blogging platform.

In an IM conversation about some of the recent developments at Gawker, Denton admitted that his enthusiasm for the vision behind Kinja and its potential got the better of him in the past, and that the platform hasn’t matured as quickly as he would have liked. But it is on the right path, he said, and it will eventually become the revolutionary force he sees it as — it will just take more…

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