Ping Identity lands $35M to make sure the right people are on your network


Ping Identity, a security startup that focuses on identity management, plans to announce Thursday a $35 million investment round that brings the company’s total funding to $110 million.

The identity and access management (IAM) space has been heating up this summer with San Francisco-based Okta grabbing $75 million in June, and Austin, Texas-based [company]Sailpoint[/company] taking in an unspecified investment that’s supposedly valued at around several hundred million dollars.

All of these startups operate under the premise that the cloud has made it difficult for companies to keep track of who can access their often-times complex internal networks while keeping damage-causing miscreants out of their systems.

While users can set up multiple accounts and passwords to access all the various pieces of a company’s network, it can be a headache to manage all of those accounts. Ping Identity wants to solve this dilemma by emphasizing a single sign-on process…

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