SQL-on-Hadoop tech Apache Drill is ready to use and part of MapR’s distro


MapR, the Hadoop vendor spearheading the Apache Drill project, has integrated an early version of the technology into its big data platform. The company is calling the current version of Drill, version 0.5, a “developer pre-release” that will nonetheless show off what the new type of SQL query engine can do.

Drill was first announced in August 2012, and the market for technologies that allow users to write SQL queries on data stored in Hadoop — and, most importantly, receive fast results — has evolved a lot since then. [company]Cloudera[/company] has released multiple versions of its Impala technology, [company]Hortonworks[/company] has led an effort to make the old-school Hive framework interactive, and numerous other startups and open-source projects have popped up, including from the fast-growing Spark community.

However, [company]MapR[/company] Chief Marketing Officer Jack Norris explained, Drill was worth the wait because Drill offers “a superset” of the features…

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