Weightless SIG shelves white spaces, but it has new internet-of-things spectrum in mind


When the Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG) formed in 2012, it hoped to build a new kind of network designed to host billions of industrial devices on the internet of things using the emerging white spaces spectrum. But the SIG now finds itself forced to re-evaluate that strategy.

Its goal of powering the internet of things remains the same, but it’s been forced to look for a new frequency band on which to to run it. White spaces — the unused frequencies in between TV broadcasts — haven’t gotten the go-ahead from global regulators to be used for data networking with the exception of the U.S., Weightless SIG CEO William Webb said.

“We hoped that there would be an opening up of white spaces around the world,” Webb told me in an interview. “That simply hasn’t happened.”

The Weightless SIG's network and device roadmap (source: Weightless SIG) The Weightless SIG’s network and device roadmap is getting pushed back as…

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