Skull Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)

The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama

In Joshua Tree National Park there is a spectacular rock formation known as the Skull Rock. It is right off of the road but there is also a trail that runs through and around the area in the Mojave Desert. It’s a pretty easy trail but since you are in the middle of the dessert and its usually quite hot it is probably wise to stay relatively close to your car – or at least have plenty of water with you.

Skull rock (Joshua Tree National Park)

Skull Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)

I visited Joshua Tree back in October 2012. It was a really interesting place and the trees that make it famous were pretty amazing. It is a place I want to go back to now that I’ve got a few more years of practice with the camera. I think I could make some more interesting compositions of the trees – especially some silhouettes…

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