EverEnding DevBlog 137: Programmitis

Problem Machine


Another week on programming this entity’s behavior. A few days in and I was getting close to having it all working when I ran into the dread disease programmitis, bane of programmers everywhere. No I’m not talking about carpal tunnel syndrome. No, I’m not talking about getting a sore butt from sitting in a computer chair all day! I’m talking about the general use case.

Well, to make a long story short, it was pretty easy to create a generalized state machine AI behavior, but it was a lot more difficult to break all of the state code out into individual files, requiring me to separate all the variables used out into each of those classes rather than keeping them all in one central place in a cluttered but easily comprehensible way. It was also a lot of work taking the most general functionality, such as tests to…

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Travel — and enjoy it! Ten tips from a globe-trotter


By Caitlin Kelly

Slieve League, County Donegal, Ireland -- Europe's highest cliffsSlieve League, County Donegal, Ireland — Europe’s highest cliffs

I’m writing this from a gorgeous hotel in Dublin called The Schoolhouse, which was converted from a red-brick Victorian schoolhouse into a hotel with a small, lovely garden. Jose and I are here for seven nights.

As you can see, we prefer places the Irish would call characterful to the mass-market chains — places that are small, intimate, quirky and historic. We typically rent or borrow an apartment when in Paris or are lucky enough to stay with friends.

Having — so far — been to 39 countries, and often on a tight budget, I’ve learned how to have a great time out there, whether a road trip near home or a long-haul flight away.

Here, a few tips; we have no children, so these are likely most useful for people without them.

This odd little plant was outside our Donegal cottageThis odd little plant was…

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